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Notes on solitude

Long-term project about different kinds of solitude and how do they help us navigate the world.

 Urban home 

Long-term project

 Back-and-forth: the bonds that guide us 

Long-term project



There is something about big cities that attracts me. Maybe it's the diversity that they contain in themselves, maybe it's their size or perhaps their amount of visions, realities and points of view... Berlin definitely captivated me, and in spite of the cold, I managed to portrait some of the thoughts and questions that this city triggered in me. These photos were taken on December 22th, 24th and 26th of 2016, just in the middle of Christmas season, which helped me to create in these street photos a contrast between the cold surroundings and the warm atmosphere given by Christmas decorations, objects and the people I encountered. Vielen Dank, Berlin!



Between channels and little alleys, I discovered Venice under an almost winter light. The calm mornings in the not  so touristic alleys contrasting with the iconic places full of people and tourists astonished me. The city triggered in me questions about living and owning a city so touristic, so I decided to portrait places and people living their everyday life. I wanted, in a way, to search for silences and emptiness in a city overwhelmed by mass tourism.